About Us

Mears Law Office was established over thirty-five years ago. Conveniently located on the Pedestrian Mall in the heart of Iowa City, Mears Law is committed to serving the legal needs of its clients.

Mears Law Office represents a wide variety of interests and people including:

  • University of Iowa and Kirkwood students accused of criminal acts or student discipline violations
  • People accused of criminal law violations from misdemeanors like public intoxication, possession of alcohol under the legal age (PAULA), OWI, or drug possession to major felonies such as sexual abuse, robbery, or burglary
  • People seeking divorce
  • Incarcerated inmates
  • People wishing to prepare Wills
  • People administering Estates
  • People, students or staff, experiencing issues with the University of Iowa

Mears Law Office is particularly proud of the many talented young people that have worked for our firm. Over twenty of our former staffers have gone on to law school and becoming practicing attorneys. The lawyers at Mears are honored to serve as mentors to the office managers, typists, paralegals, and mail clerks that are so vital to the work that we do. Julia and Philip are always excited to hear about the accomplishments of the emeritus staff. If you are an alumnus of Mears Law Office, we strongly encourage you to stay in touch!